“So glad our shoot was done by you, Hina. 🙂 Our experience could not get better than this. You are a rockstar girl !!! Thanks a million for the perfect capture of these special moments of the most special time of our lives. Means a lot to us and we really really appreciate this! Wish you the best of all.”  

– Shekhar & Himani



“Hina is truly an inspiration !!! She is not just extremely talented, she very well knows how to showcase her talent, her imagination in the best possible way to let everyone experience a journey through her heart, a flavour of her connectivity with nature, giving people a different journey of life through her eyes.
Her imagination is so vivid that when she writes or speaks through her art, you would wish to go those places and be a part of the whole experience shared by her! She definitely deserves a lot of success!! ❤ A big shout-out to Hina!!”

Saumya Joon

Nupur Banerji

“Some of the most heartwarming pictures, each with a story of their own..Some of the most heartwarming pictures, each with a story of their own..”

– Nupur Banerji


“Words from the heart… make it beautifully profound and brightly inspiring! Thank you Journalist of Joy to spread your light with the world.” 

– AnaMarta

Barkha Shah

“I just want to express my gratitutde for your everyday posts that somehow stay with me and now I am always aware of my surroundidngs not just to see the happiness but I also remember u everytime too with gratitude.”

– Barkha Shah